Tired of Being Tired? Try This Powerful Walking Meditation! + Second Day Hair with Melanin Haircare

I hadn’t recognized the sluggishness here, because there’s always a push Push PUSH present to get up and Mom, to get up and record the daily show, to get up and write now, here on the blog… but I did notice that music was playing. That’s how the Soul cares for this body. Before thought, I had hit play on my new favorite song. Now, don’t judge me. I’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, deep into my spiritual journey, so when Gene (my once hubby, still GoOD friend) sent me this video about a lion on IG yesterday, I was totally captivated by the music playing in the background. Had no idea it was from 2013 lol, and further, had no idea about the Hillsong drama– my sister filled me in after I excitedly sent the song out to her, Mom, Gene, and everyone else who had ears to hear lol. It’s been on repeat since then and so has this Gratitude, in every moment. Music stirs this Love that we practice together, which keeps us activated while we walk, while we talk, while we eat, while we drive, even while we sleep. I  shared a GoOD Mornings episode a while back called Love Steps with a walking meditation that may help on those days you’d rather crawl back into bed, but can’t. On those days you wished life was different. On those days where you don’t want to talk to anyone. Try this and see where it leaves you!

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